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Title : The Boy Next Door~!~[[Chapter 16 "Lets Roll"]]
Description : ;)

Recap--Joe and Brookee are gonna hang
Today it was beatiful outside. Warm, Sunny. Just like my dream. I didnt look slutty at all today. I never do lately. I had Hollister T-Shirt and jean shorts on. Then I put on my never worn converses.

I ran back over to Joes house cause I was SOO excited. I just invited myself in as if it was my own house.

"Joe?" I yelled through the house, "JOE?"

Then I felt him poke my side from behind. I jumped and turned around to him smiling. "Ready?" I asked him.

"Yea" He answered as he grabbed his car keys and twirled them around his finger by the ket chain. "lets roll" He said trying to act cool.

I laughed, "oh your cool" I said sacastilly.

"I try." He said slyly. "Why exactly are we going shopping??"

"Because I wanna do somthing today." I said.

"And what is that??"

"Make Ice cream sundaes. I havent had one in such a long time. And it sounds REALLY fun."

"Brooke that is the..."

"Stupidest idea??"

"Best Idea you've had all week. Lets go."

~!~With Kevin~!~
I was starring at the phone,, and the napkin Aimee left me. I wasnt sure if I should call. Id pick up the phone and dial the number,, then hung up. Ok, im gonna do it thi time,, I sweaar.
I dialed the number,, hit the green button.
"Hello??" I heard her voice say on the other line.


"Hey Kevin."

"Howd you know it was me???"

"Id recognize your voice anywhere." She laughed "Whats up??"

"Umm,, I was wondering if you maybe wanna go to the movies later." I said,, and hoped for the best.

"Sure!" She said happily on the other line.

"Great.,,Ill pick you up at 5. Where do you live??"

"39 Pearl Road."

"See ya tonight." I said and hung up. I was so excited. I finnally had a date. And with someone nice,, and pretty,, I was so excited.

~!~Joe and Brooke~!~
~!~Joes POV~!~
Brooke and I went to the store abd bought everything you would need to make a killer ice cream sundae. Every flavor of ice cream you could imagine. Nuts an whipped cream. Chocolate, penutbeuuter,, and strawberry sundae. Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. And Marachino cherrys. The man at the checkout counter laughed in my face when we got there. Brooke and I left the store and drove to my house. When we got there Nick was in his room and s was Kevin.

"You set up the stuff im gonna go pull my hair up ok??" Brooke told me. I nodded and she left. I set up all the stuff in a like across the counter so that we could easily make sundaes. I was kinda puzzled as t how this ideaa came up to Brooke. I mean,, sundaes?? Its somthing we would do when we were 10.
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